▪️ 15+ years of coaching experience
▪️ 10+ years of corporate experience in IT, Media, Trading, Jewellery and Watches
▪️ Coach of International Awards and Prizes winners, Fortune 500 TOP Managers
▪️ Bachelor in International Economics, Master in Business Administration, Master in Neuro-nguistic Programming
▪️ Accompаnies clients to peak performance and  significant business and career results
*in a constant personal and professional growth to bring world class practices to her clients’ benefit
Geneva, Switzerland
“ Invest in your personal development now to embrace your career and business growth in the near future as a result.”
Geneva, Switzerland
Award-winning Executive & Business Coach*
for individuals, entrepreneurs and TOP managers
Executive Coach
Take a free 5 day challenge “Clear your mind”
Whether you are an entrepreneur, а corporate employee or an individual searching for productivity or time-management tools, this challenge will help you not only to increase your concentration but also to:
Why is this challenge essential for you?
  • Calm your overthinking mind and be more at ease daily;
  • Declutter your digital space which gradually drains your time and energy;
  • Finish tasks you didn’t have time for days, months and even years;
  • Focus on what’s really important and become more productive at work;
  • Start hearing your true desires and gain time to spend with your family and friends;
  • Feel lighter to set the path for inspiring goals and achieve them.
Lost your confidence in a business routine and cannot find way out of the operational hamster wheel.
Want to step onto your new level of life, career, income and do not know where to start.
Feel overwhelmed and have tried all possible time management techniques.
Feel like you do not move forward and have a lack of motivation which pulls you down.
Are hesitant about changing your day job and developing your passion and hobby as a full time business.
Whether you
Professional Coach can facilitate the thinking process and help you to clearly see possible solutions to the situation even though you do not see it yet. The principal role of a Coach is to put in value coachee’s competences, skills and experience
and to unleash the creativity within.
Who do I work with?
Micro and small-scale entrepreneurs who lose themselves in operational tasks in their business and face barriers in further development due to ineffective growth strategies and self-management techniques. Their target is to increase income and scale the business.
Corporates who work for decades for the same company but do not feel recognized by management and do not see any growth perspective. Ready to hold TOP positions and lead departments to contribute on decision-making level and dedicate time to themselves and their hobbies.
Individuals from different walks of life in a career or life transition willing to change their field of activity, improve their personal development skills, understand their inner values and set value-based goals. Due to lack
of self-awareness they don’t know which direction to shift their focus to gain self-confidence and self-actualisation.
Over the last 15 years
Entrepreneurs reach a new level of income ranging from 0 to 50K Euros per month, learn how to pitch their projects and win Audience Prize, create white pages and package their products and services.
Corporates negotiate salary increase up to 35%, get career promotion, recognition for the first time in 5-10 years of work in the company, become leaders and win prestigious awards like WISA (Women in Sales) European Corporate Award.
Individuals combine work in large companies and turn their hobbies into a side business. They change an obsolete activity that is no longer satisfying or joyfull to a new business or passion.

I witnessed significant results of my clients:
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start work
30-minute coaching
FORMAT: zoom-meeting
90 - 270 minute coaching
How to start work with me
FORMAT: zoom-meeting
  • assess your current situation;
  • identify your future goals;
  • examine obstacles and blind spots on your way;
  • plan first steps towards your goal;
  • get to know my working style.
  • assess your current situation;
  • set your Stop, Start, Continue strategy;
  • set value-based goals in 5 areas of life: Health, Business/Career, Relations, Personal & Spiritual Growth, Social Contribution;
  • examine obstacles and blind spots on your way and strategies of coping with them;
  • set 1 major INTENTION and 3 major ROLES for the year;
  • elaborate an actionable plan;
  • get stress relief, time management and emotional intelligence hands-on techniques;
  • make first steps towards your goals;
  • get an accountability partner for 2 weeks.
Valued at: 150 CHF
350 СHF per 1 session
900 СHF per 3 sessions (150 CHF saving)
valued at:
Upon special requests I also work with online courses, mentorship and workshop programs’ content design, self-presentation for master classes, networking events, award nominations and competitions’ application.
Finance Assistant, Geneva, Switzerland
Founder, Spell Languages, Geneva, Switzerland
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▪️ International Mentor of business and personal growth
▪️ Author and moderator of masterminds, online courses, workshops and trainings, 1000+ participants, from 10+ countries
▪️ Founder of “Leading by Example” global initiative
▪️ Executive contributor for BRAINZ magazine
▪️ Co-founder of Geneva Business Community
▪️ Member of Multiply Your Impact, Global Entrepreneurs Community
TOP 500 award-winning Executive & Business Coach,
15+ years experience, Master NLP, MBA
Geneva, Switzerland
Astrid Gregorian
▪️ Visionary Leader to TOP Managers, small and medium companies, service providers
▪️ Loving wife and mother of 3
Trainings, Masterminds and Workshops
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