Clear Your Mind
5 day free challenge
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Do you experience stress
and anxiety due to deadlines?
Do you feel chaos in your thoughts and cannot focus on important tasks?
Do you want to manage your time so that you have enough time not only for work, but also for yourself and your loved ones?
5 day challenge
Calm your overthinking mind
and be more at ease daily
Declutter your digital space gradually draining your time
and energy
Finish tasks you didn’t have time for days, months and even years
Focus on what’s really important and become more productive
at work
Start hearing your true desires and gain in time to spend with your family and friends
Feel lighter to set the path
for inspiring goals
As a result you will:
What will I receive after registration?
You will be receiving daily tasks by email.
Please check that your email is correct so that you don’t miss the tasks.
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Who is this program for?
For entrepreneurs who want to complete all their projects and see new growth points.
For corporate employees to meet pressing deadlines and start hearing their true desires.
For ambitious individuals who want to increase their concentration and enter the New Year with a clear mind.
▪️ International Mentor of business and personal growth
▪️ Author and moderator of masterminds, online courses, workshops and trainings, 1000+ participants,
from 10+ countries
▪️ Founder of “Leading by Example” global initiative
▪️ Executive contributor for BRAINZ magazine
▪️ Co-founder of Geneva Business Community
▪️ Member of Multiply Your Impact, Global Entrepreneurs Community
TOP 500 award-winning Executive & Business Coach,
25+ years of corporate and coaching experience, Master NLP, MBA
Geneva, Switzerland
Astrid Gregorian
▪️ Visionary Leader to TOP Managers, small and medium companies, service providers
▪️ Loving wife and mother of 3
  • daily tasks
    for 15-20 minutes only
  • time management tips from a TOP Business Coach
  • networking in a company of like minded people
  • feedback from a TOP Executive & Business Coach in the Facebook group
Finance Assistant, Geneva, Switzerland
Founder, Spell Languages, Geneva, Switzerland
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